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Modern Kitchen

Our Process

The Consultation


Each and every home is unique, and every family's needs are different. When we first show up, we start the process by looking over the areas that you would like to have restored and protected. We discuss the various uses of our product line and look at the traffic patterns of your home to get a better idea of which products will best match your specific needs. An estimate can be created for you onsite following the consultation and we can also schedule the work at a time and date that works best for your family. Consultations are a great way to see if Pro Finish Coating Solutions is right for you. 

The Application

Most applications are installed in a single day but could take up to two full days depending on the size of the house. The first step is to clean and polish all surfaces that are to be coated, getting them as close to brand new as we can. Once they are cleaned and prepped for coating, we start by laying down the base coat, which is Semi-permanent.  This part of the process typically takes between 2-5 hours depending on the number of protective layers installed.  The base coat will need to cure for an hour before the topcoat can be applied. The top coat adds the high gloss and hydrophobic protection which makes cleaning a breeze. This process is very fast and usually only takes 1-2 hours to complete. 

The Curing Process

Now that the application is complete, the coating will continue to cure for 2 weeks. We recommend that you avoid using the coated surfaces for 24 hours and avoid any water or liquid coming into contact with these areas. After 24 hours, try to avoid heavy use or the use of chemicals and/or household cleaners on the surface for 3 days.  The coating is fully cured and at its maximum strength after 10 days. The best way to clean surfaces that have been coated during the 10 days is with a damp microfiber which can be provided. The resulting surface is completely sanitary and toxin free, keeping you and your family safe!


Now that your home is protected with our Protective Ceramic Coating, cleanup is a breeze! All you will need to clean your coated surfaces in your home is hot water and mild soap. The hard base coat is semi-permanent and will always provide a layer of protection to maintain a sanitary surface.  Over time, usually 2-3 years, the top glass coating will start to wear away which is designed to take the abuse. This time varies based on how frequently the area is used.  

As the topcoat wears away, you'll know because it won't feel as smooth to touch, and may become less hydrophobic. Don't worry though, it won’t leave any ugly splotches or obvious signs of wear. When that happens, contact us to schedule a time to perform a top layer treatment at a fraction of the cost! The topcoat can be applied very easily in less than a few hours, and you will be all set for a few more years.  


How long does the coating last? 

How does this help stainless steel? 

Will it handle heat from cooking and pans? 

When is the best time to have my home coated?   

Do I need to schedule a consultation?  

Can you fix and protect Corian or solid surface countertops?   

Is it toxic?   

How far will you travel?  

Do you have a minimum purchase requirement? 

Do you work with builders, contractors and interior designers?   

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