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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Ceramic Coated Vehicle with AquaClean Detailing Products

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

  1. Regular Washes. Even with a ceramic coating, it's important to wash your vehicle regularly. Use Aquaclean Foam, a pH-neutral soap, to gently clean the surface without damaging the coating. The foam creates a thick layer of suds that help lift away dirt and grime, leaving your car looking its best.

  2. Protect the Coating To maintain the longevity of your ceramic coating, use Aquaclean Protect to provide an additional layer of protection. Apply this spray sealant every few months when your vehicle is clean and dry. This provides extra protection against UV rays, water spots, and other contaminants.

  3. Quick Clean Ups. For quick clean-ups, use Aquaclean Wipedown. This waterless car wash product is perfect for removing light dust and dirt from your vehicle. It also contains polymers that quickly clean and protect your car's finish, leaving it looking clean and shiny.

  4. Clean the Interior. Your ceramic coating doesn't just protect the exterior of your vehicle, it also protects the interior. Use Aquaclean Apc (All Purpose Cleaner) to clean any dirt and grime from your coated interior surfaces. This cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces and won't damage your ceramic coating.

  5. Protect the Interior. After cleaning your interior, use Aquaclean Interior to condition and protect it. This product helps to protect your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays, while also leaving a pleasant scent.

  6. Remove Stuck-On Contaminants. Even with a ceramic coating, you may still encounter stuck-on contaminants like road grime, paint, or tree sap. Use Aquaclean Eraser to remove these contaminants safely and easily, without damaging your ceramic coating.

  7. Avoid Automatic Car Washes. While it may be tempting to use an automatic car wash, they can be damaging to your ceramic coated vehicle. The brushes and harsh chemicals can scratch and dull the surface, reducing the effectiveness of the coating. Stick to hand washing using quality detailing products like Aquaclean.

  8. Regular Maintenance. To keep your ceramic coating working effectively, it's important to perform regular maintenance. Use quality detailing products like Aquaclean to ensure your ceramic coating is protected and maintained.

Maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle requires a little extra attention, but it's well worth the investment. By following these tips and using quality detailing products like Aquaclean, you can keep your ceramic coated vehicle looking its best for years to come.

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